Rowe Furniture Job Training Program


Rowe Furniture Job Training

Getting you where you deserve to be — gainfully employed.

The Rowe Furniture Training Program is a collaboration of efforts between The Advancement Foundation and Rowe Furniture.  This partnership was driven by one thing — the need for work in this economy, from people who are having trouble getting back on their feet.  The Foundation knows people who are struggling have the drive, work ethic, and attitude to maintain a full-time job, they just sometimes need a helping hand to get there.

This program will get you there.

Specifically designed for those who are actively searching but are out of work, the program is an 8 week-long training in upholstery sewing.  NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.  You will be taught by a trainer from Rowe Furniture, Tues-Thurs, from 8am to 2:30pm.  Good attendance is crucial; it shows commitment and drive, two things Rowe Furniture is seeking in hiring new employees.

If you finish the 8 week training with good attendance and a good attitude, a job is guaranteed at Rowe Furniture.  The position is located in ELLISTON, VA so individual transportation is necessary.  However, carpooling can be arranged with other employees at Rowe, so don’t let this aspect be a total hindrance.



Interested?  Call (540)345-1292 OR e-mail for more information!