Refurbished is the new black

Posted by Lauren_taf on October 18, 2012.

When you walk into a Thrift store, what do you look for?  Sometimes it’s hard to forget you’re not shopping like usual — we’re not going to have your size in everything!

What you have to remember is to shop with the mindset of turning an item into something you want.

Refurbishing isn’t just for furniture!  See what you can do with a tired pair of shoes?  With a pop of coral on the heel, they’re unique and ready for the workplace!

It can be difficult to look at furniture with a crafty eye, so keep images in mind of what you have, and what colors you’d like to see in your home.  Take virtually any piece of furniture, cover it with that hue in your mind, and imagine its place in your decor.

Calling all nautical nuts and treasure hunters out there, we’ve got an old trunk in the store that could use just a little TLC to make it the perfect home accent piece.

Most of all, HAVE FUN while you thrift!  There’s so many possibilities, and buying things cheap means you can have fun with them, without fear of messing up.  Plus, when the project turns out just right, it’s nothing but a conversation starter.

Stop in and unleash your crafty side!

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