LEAP Program

The goal of the LEAP program (Lift, Educate, Advocate, and Proclaim) is to empower economically disadvantaged men and women of the Roanoke Valley by helping them achieve both personal and professional satisfaction and success in their lives. LEAP seeks to give its participants the skills, encouragement, and confidence needed to create permanent positive change in their lives.

LEAP helps participants address key problem areas within several categories: career/vocation, education, physical health, relationships, mental health, fitness/wellness, and community engagement. Participants accomplish positive change by creating and implementing a comprehensive, step-by-step life plan for overcoming their own psychological and social barriers which are keeping them in the cycle of poverty.

Through the LEAP program participants are empowered to see new possibilities for their life and fight for their dreams.


Through LEAP’s involvement in the Rowe Furniture Training Program, we are pleased to announce after the first round of trainees successfully completed the program, two full-time job positions were filled at Rowe.

Want to explore what the future holds?  Want to meet new friends?  Join LEAP!

Upcoming Events with the LEAP Program:
First Aid Class
Fitness and Fun
Baking Tips