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Posted by Lauren_taf on February 3, 2012.

The Charity Cottage Thrift Store February News & Specials

February 2012 
Charity Cottage Thrift Store 
News & Specials
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The Charity Cottage Thrift Store would like to send you our best wishes this month! With Black History Month and Valentine’s Day in the forefront of our minds this month, please remember to lend support to those less fortunate by visiting our store, which shares its proceeds with local health and human services non-profits and strives to implement programs that benefit those with limited resources!

Month of Love Sale Deals!


For the month of February the Charity Cottage Thrift Store will be offering 25% off of everything under $50.00 (excluding the baby dolls).


Use these savings to buy something for the special someone in your life or add a little something exciting to your own wardrobe or home!  


February 2012

All Month Long Sale 

The Charity Cottage Thrift Store

301 South Pollard Street

Vinton, VA

Staff Favorites

Chrome Rim Set
4 pieces
Deep Dish Trim Rings
Dinnerware Set
8 Dinner Plates
8 Cups
8 Salad Bowls
8 Bread Plates

For more information on merchandise available at the store or for online shopping options please visit our website by clicking on the logo below:

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Volunteer Spotlight


Every sale at the Charity Cottage Thrift Store goes toward helping those in need get the tools and resources they need to fight poverty. The Charity Cottage accomplishes this by mentoring individuals in poverty as they learn business skills, go back to school, start their own businesses, and create a support system for one another! They also give back over 250 hours of volunteer work every week!

Kristen volunteers at the Charity Cottage Thrift Store while learning valuable business skills and is also receiving support to continue her education! Her volunteer work is much appreciated as she has become an extremely beneficial part of the LEAP (Lift, Educate, Advocate, Proclaim) program in encouraging others in difficult circumstances to pursue personal development as well! Kristen is working to grow personally and professionally so that she may be able to provide a prosperous life full of unlimited potential for her and her daughter!


Inspiring Social Change


Since the Charity Cottage Thrift Store opened on Friday September 9th 2011 it has accomplished many goals toward alleviating the causes and symptoms of poverty in the Roanoke Valley!

Among these achievements are:
  • An average of 250 volunteer hours contributed each week
  • A total of $1,300.98 donated to local non-profits dedicated to social change and capacity building
  •  Assigned a full time AmeriCorps VISTA worker dedicated to developing the infrastructure of the Charity Cottage Thrift Store
  • Created three businesses incubator entities for LEAP program participants
  • Conducted 40 personal development and business management classes
  • Provided five business mentors to disadvantaged persons
  • Encouraged two participants of the LEAP program to earn their GEDs
  • Facilitated meeting of community leaders, such as the Lion’s Club and LEAP Advisory Council, through the use of conference space
The Charity Cottage Thrift Store contributes its profits to three very deserving local non-profits, Manna Ministries, Project Access, and The West End Center for Youth!


Every time you shop at the Charity Cottage Thrift Store you are being an honorary Agent for Social Change! Please continue to support our efforts to develop a community of hope and opportunity!

Charity Cottage Thrift Store


 Baby Dolls Which Provide Comfort for All!

The Charity Cottage Thrift Store has baby dolls available to purchase which were hand -made by participants in the LEAP program as a rehabilitation technique.


The Charity Cottage baby dolls are created, marketed and sold by participants of the LEAP program sponsored by The Advancement Foundation. Through the LEAP Program, participants develop a comprehensive life plan, execute work-steps toward empowering themselves and gain valuable business experience by managing the Charity Cottages as a way to gain confidence and to give back to the program for future participants.      


Baby Doll Production

Each doll and story house is crafted on site, in Vinton, by the participants of the LEAP Program. Crafts and socialization activities are proven therapeutic tools for building confidence, self-awareness, and for battling depression.

Each Doll costs only $55.00 and all proceeds are committed to furthering the lives of underprivileged Roanoke area citizens. 


Charity Cottage Thrift Store Volunteering and Donating Opportunities  


The Charity Cottage is looking for individuals dedicated to positive social change to volunteer their time with our organization and see how much their efforts can make a difference in impacting the fight against poverty!

Please see
www.volunteermatch.org for more in-depth descriptions of our volunteer positions.

Call (540)206-3385 to get involved, meet new friends, have fun, and make a difference!


New and gently used donations from the community are vital to the Charity Cottage Thrift Store.We ask that you only donate clean, usable, or gently used items so we are able to keep our thrift store filled with quality items. As you are cleaning out your closets or your home, sifting through extra toys, consolidating your wardrobe, or just “spring” cleaning, please remember the Charity Cottage Thrift Store as you recycle your used items.  Thank you in advance for thinking of us!   

The following is a partial list of items we would be glad to accept:

  1. Furniture (please call 345-1292 for scheduled pickup)
  2. Home décor and accessories
  3. Collectibles and artwork
  4. China, glass, and giftware
  5. Kitchen items
  6. Jewelry
  7. Media (books, cd’s, dvd’s, vhs tapes, etc.)
  8. Children’s items (furniture, accessories, toys, etc.)
  9. Tools and garden items
  10. Exercise and sports equipment
  11. Clothing, Gowns and prom dresses
  12. Small appliances

Items we cannot accept:
air conditioners – carpeting/padding – magazines – large household appliances – mattresses – tires – furniture that is ripped, soiled or damaged – paints or hazardous materials – unframed mirrors 


Cash Donations Always Welcome!!!




Thank you for your support of the Charity Cottage Thrift Store!!!

“Strength does not lie in what you have. It lies in what you can give.”

- Anonymous
“Only a life lived in the service of others is worth living.”

- Albert Einstein


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